I am Naman Bhatnagar. I live in a city named Jaipur , located in Rajasthan , India .
I belong to a middle class family , and my family consists of 8 people including my grandparents , my mother is still studying in college , and in my family only my father earns our livelihood. he earns ₹ 30,000 a month .
Our life was going very smooth , me and my brothers were able to spend ₹ 100-200 a day , we were having so much fun. But one day my mom got sick and we consulted a doctor. He recommended some tests. We thought that they are just tests everything is going to be fine. Guys you know whenever your life is going smoothly , god throws stones in your life in form of obstacles. They can be anything , big or small and in my story that stone is CANCER . After few days the test reports arrived , and we found that my mom has cancer at some sensitive parts of body and one of them is near brain . This news left my family in immense shock. My father had to use all the money he saved for my future for there was no other option. One day he came to talk to me about something he wanted to tell me from a while. He said “Naman. Son, I am really very sorry. I failed to be a great father. I am unable to fulfill your dreams and desires. You have to fulfill them on your own”. While saying so he was completely broken. I can still feel the pain in his eyes. I thought that I also failed to be a good son, I always asked him for things and I never gave him anything in return. And then I promised myself to do something for him, for my mom , for my loving family.

To be continued……



  1. I am always with you Naman as a friend, as a teacher, as a well wisher and as a big brother. No more words are required.

    Just call me whenever you need me.

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  2. That’s.a…sad n…heart breaking newzz!!I m …Speech less…but…not hope less… !have faith…..!God bless…lots of. Pray… N….plz…..don’t loose hope..ur….mother… Has a grt smile…n that ..will..exist….long….!!!…….(prayzzzz)


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